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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Two days down...

The first day was great. I was pumped to start on a diet I was familiar with and start losing some weight. Second day not so great.

In the past while on a diet I would always make foods ahead of time. I was well aware of this going into this diet.
You never know when you'll be out or not coming home for awhile and you need to be prepared.
Well, I messed up on my second day. I wasn't prepared. I ended up eating more carbs than I was supposed to. Night time was better. I made up for it.

When you log out of the fitness app it always has a message about your food and exercise day.
Example: You're right on point with your calories for the day. Exercise more if you want to lose this amount of weight by this amount of time.

Last night when I logged out. I got scolded. That's right my fitness app scolded me. It read I was under my calorie count and if I keep doing this, I will put my body into starvation mode and it will take me longer to lose the weight. So, even though my carb was high, my calorie intake was below my target allowance.

Today I am in planning mode. Going to the grocery store and planning out meals better. I must be prepare for any emergencies.

Wish me luck!

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