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Monday, October 8, 2012

Does the tortoise really win the race??

I could blame life for the reason I haven't blogged about my 6 month challenge.  Or I can be accountable and blame myself.  

For no reason at all my 6 month challenge came to a screeching halt.    I can't even begin to say what exactly caused me to stop.    I could blame the weekend we ate nothing but take out food.   Or the day I craved chips and went on a chip binge.  There could be so many reasons why I stopped.  

Then it occurred to me.  It wasn't the food I was eating, or  how much/less I was eating that drove me to stop doing the challenge.  It was... the lack of exercise I wasn't doing.  Without it,  losing weight is like a tortoise.   You know the one that supposedly won the race against the hare?
I disagree with this analogy.  No way can you win the race if you're hardly moving.  Creeping your way to the finish line.  
The tortoise was moving so slow, I can't imagine that boredom didn't strike half way through the race, and it veered off into a different direction.

If boredom happens, you're doomed to stop doing whatever you're doing, and veer off into a different direction. You resort back to doing nothing. 

I know and have always known, unless you incorporate exercise into your life, losing weight by lack of intake in just boring. 

I need stop focusing so much on what I'm going to eat today, and focus more on how far did I walk today?