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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Week 2

Well another week has passed.   No drop in weight.  Mostly due to me sneaking a few more carbs than I was allowed. 
Funny, how even though you eat right 90% of the time how that 10% of bad eating can determine which direction your body is going to go or not go.

Not making excuses but a lot has been going on.  I had an allergic reaction to Motrin and broke out all over with a rash.  I looked like I had chicken pox.  Then I threw my back out.  Seeing a Chiropractor the last few days.  Hopefully he'll straighten me out. 

I know I'm an emotional eater so, whenever something goes wrong even the smallest issues.  I find myself eating all the wrong things.   I usually forgive myself and realize unless I change things before my weight date, I'll have to face the damages like a big girl.  
Thankfully, the scale didn't move up or down.  Staying steady! Phew

The plus side of doing this type of diet has been my energy level.  I'm moving a lot more and my mood has been a lot better.  

Some of the things I need to work on is my late night snacking.   Getting over that habit might be a bit of a challenge.  Not letting my emotions turn me into a food truck.  

Heres to another week down.  

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